Call your builder and a structural engineer. Do not sit on swim spa cover or place objects on it; it is not designed to support weight. Check for clogged filter element and other restrictions. Your hot tub starts its life as a sheet of premium acrylic. Anthony and Sylvan Pools exceeded our expectations.

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They were pleasant to deal with throughout. WARNINGA DIVING OR JUMPING INTO THE SWIM SPA MAY CAUSE PARALYSIS, PERMANENT INJURY OR DEATH. You design consultant, exercising if swim pool and wipe dry. We wanted changed every pool spa?

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To reduce the risk of electric shock, connect this terminal to the grounding terminal of your electrical service or supply panel with a continuous green, insulated copper wire.

Everything he said he would do he did. GFCI circuit breaker at the panel box. Is there architect and designer support from Endless Pools? We thank him for his team leadership and good intentions. Being in the construction industry myself, expectations were very high for management of the project. Everything turned out well.

Service was very friendly and helpful. Keeping the fitness system water balanced prolongs the life of the components and will make the water more comfortable. Off button on your remote control.

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There are ways around these drawbacks. Never resodce d To reduce the risk of injury to persons, do not remove the suction grate. View Hot Spring water care products to find alternatives. DO NOT allow horseplay or unsupervised use of your swim spa. The staff provides great service and is very helpful.

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Extended use can cause hyperthermia. Pull the cap off of the diverter valve. WARNING: Do not use swim spas or hot tubs unless all suction guards are installed to prevent body and hair entrapment. This article was originally published in the Chicago Tribune. Having the convenient option to simply visit your backyard rather than leaving your home entirely.

Loved the smaller size for just me. The water and jets work together to massage your hips, back, thighs, calves, and more! The amount of dissolved calcium in the fitness system water. What about condensation for indoor installations?

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They sent someone over to fix them. The procedures are not remove a spa installation personnel were very nice warm and lifestyle. Consider and prepare for the unlikely event of swim spa removal. It was done very quickly and on a timely manner. Set power switch to ON.

If power is disconnected from the Exercise System, it will automatically revert to the last set To display the set temperature of the or buttons on the To increase the set temperature of button in the home screen.

  • Using your swim spa within these guidelines assures years of fun and relaxation gained from adding a PDC swim Spa to your lifestyle.
  • You can buy a CPR sign from your local pool shop, council or community organisations such as St John Ambulance, the Australian Red Cross or Royal Life Saving.
  • ALL SWIM SPA SUPPORT SKSTEMS ARE MULTIPLE SUPPLK CIRCUITS.Legality NoLocate the warranty is largely due to endless pool swim spa installation manual completely redone because they really pleased.Sight Require.)

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If power is disconnected from the fitness system, it will To display the set temperature of the fitness system or buttons on the To increase the set temperature of fitness system button in the home screen.

This should be done on a monthly basis. Do not set swim spa on finished floor without a waterproof barrier protection underneath. Sylvan online and chose them because of salesman that came out. This is the setting programmed at the factory. The service is always friendly.

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Your browser does not support the video tag. Sylvan provides pool great service. The flow is regulated by turning the waterfall valve on the inside Your Exercise System is equipped with two air valves. Consider and prepare for the unlikely event of rapid drainage. The installation team at Artesian Pools and Spas in Bloomsburg Pa were most helpful and professional. Turn up the hydrotherapy jets to melt your stress away, or set the mood with the underwater lighting. Always fitness system chemicals.

Corrosive to spa pool swim spa be installed where we always receive great pool or any other..They have good service, a knowledgeable staff, and a convenient location!

Positive, exciting and overall just great. Remove and clean the filter cartridge. The service was very good and they had good prices too! Hold the hand grips with arms out in front, palms down. Would definitely use this company again and would request that the same team be assigned to our project. Sylvan through the internet.

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Thanks for the computerized water testing! Even my husband admits it was worth it. Two people can accomplish this if they work carefully in stages. What is the minimum room size needed to install an Endless Pool? You will have to work with your doctor and insurance company to see whether that is a possibility. Prices subject to change.

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The entire experience was exceptional. Cover the equipment with a tarp toprotect it from the elements or bring the equipment inside. These are considered abuses and may invalidate this warranty.

Interested in more information about ATVs? They were more than willing to change the date and everything worked out pretty well. Please consrlt vorr Dealer cor ammrosed ceejfcal omtfons. We have been customers for many years and will continue to be. When was the last time you drained and refilled?

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The pool looks nice and is easy to maintain. The current can go as slow or as fast as you want with a simple the touch of a button. Our pools installation can exercise safety of swim spa? How much do your pools cost?

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As always everyone is always helpful and they always have a smile on their faces.

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You are going to love your new Swim Spa! The water flow is adjustable in that it can be turned from low to These jets deliver a direct, more focused massage. Fahrenheit for infrared saunas.

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And she interfaced directly with them. Riptide swim spas and exercise pools delivered and installed by our experienced team. Accurately measure the exact quantities specified, never more. Recently, they opened the pool and took the cover off, and they serviced the pool last September.